The Winter Edition is Out!

Cover Art 4.4 (1200x1600)The winter 2014-2015 edition of The Digital Puritan is now available through various e-tailers. This edition contains the following titles, which have been gently modernised, and which have hundreds of embedded scripture references and explanatory footnotes:

  1. Anger Not to Be Sinfully Indulged – Thomas Boston
  2. Hope and Comfort Usually Follow Genuine Humiliation and Repentance – Jonathan Edwards
  3. The Brevity of Life—A Call to Improve It – Andrew Gray
  4. The Character of a Complete Evangelical Pastor, Drawn by Christ – John Flavel
  5. To Be Light in a Dark Place is Commendable – Christopher Love.

It is available now for the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Also through Google Play (Android devices), Apple’s iBookstore (iOS devices), and through the Lulu store (most other e-readers).

New Title Available!

Cover Art (1200x1600)We are very pleased to announce the release of Private Prayer: A Christian Duty, by Oliver Heywood!  Out-of-print for nearly two hundred years, this useful guide teaches, from Matthew 6:6, how to cultivate a habit of daily prayer which is both refreshing and delightful. He reviews the time, place, and content appropriate for our private prayers, and answers several objections that are commonly used to excuse ourselves from praying regularly—including lack of time, cold-heartedness, wandering thoughts, and not knowing what to say. Several scriptural instances of private prayer are explored, including the Lord’s Prayer and the mighty wrestling of Jacob in prayer (Genesis 32). Through this teaching, the believer will find resources and encouragement to help fulfill this beneficial obligation.

This is an entirely new typeset edition, with gently modernised language which makes the material approachable to a new generation of readers, while retaining the flavour of the original text. Includes a biographical preface, and a foreword by Phil Johnson.

Available in paperback and e-book (Kindle, Nook, Apple iBookstoreGoogle Play, Kobo, and Lulu).

The Autumn Digest is Out!

Cover Art 4.3 (1200x1600)The autumn edition of The Digital Puritan is now available. It contains the following articles:

  1. There Is An Answerableness Between the Greatness of the Misery of Hell and the Happiness of Heaven – by Jonathan Edwards. Edited by Don Kistler, who remarked that this was the best Edwards he has ever read, next to “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.
  2. How to Bear Afflictions – in which William Bates teaches from Hebrews 12:5 how to avoid the extremes of despising the chastening of the Lord, or fainting beneath it.
  3. Let Not Sin Have Dominion Over You – Thomas Manton explores what is meant by allowing sin to “have dominion” over oneself, and why this state must be avoided. Edited by Peter Overduin.
  4. The Great Usefulness of the Law – in which John Flavel illustrates the proper role of the law in bringing the sinner to salvation, then participating in his sanctification.
  5. How We May Read the Scriptures with Most Spiritual Profit – Thomas Watson. Twenty-four eminently practical instructions for making time spent in the Word more meaningful.

Available now for Kindle, NookKobo, and through the Apple and Google Play bookstores, and through Lulu (most other e-readers).

Read Digital Puritan Resouces Anywhere You Go

Ekvall_Knut_The_Reading_LessonDid you know that if you use Google’s Chrome web browser, you can install an extension that will allow you to collect and read e-Pub files (like those found on our website) anywhere you go? The extension, called Readium, can be found here. It is super-simple to install, and there is no setup or account creation. If you are signed in to Chrome, it translates across any devices you have that use Chrome (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, work computer) automagically. Happy reading!

The Summer Edition is Out!

Cover Art 4.2 (1200x1600)The summer edition of The Digital Puritan is now available. It contains the following articles:

  1. Self-Denial – in which Isaac Ambrose expounds Mark 8:34, showing that self-denial must be a cardinal feature of Christ’s true disciples.
  2. The Almost Christian – George Whitefield shows from Acts 26:28 that having the trappings of religion is not the same thing as having true saving faith.
  3. God’s Regard for His Own Glory, Seen in the Saving of Sinners – in which Stephen Charnock illustrates the rich glory of God as can only be seen in his redemption of sinful men.
  4. Charity, in Respect of Other Men’s Sins – John Howe teaches from 1 Corinthians 13:6 that believers should never rejoice over the failings or misfortunes of others, and should be predisposed to grant them the benefit of the doubt.
  5. A Word to the Aged – comforting and insightful teaching from William Bridge for those who have nearly run their course.

Available now for Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPod/iPhoneKobo, Google Play, and through Lulu (most other e-readers).