The Summer Edition is Out!

Cover Art 4.2 (1200x1600)The summer edition of The Digital Puritan is now available. It contains the following articles:

  1. Self-Denial – in which Isaac Ambrose expounds Mark 8:34, showing that self-denial must be a cardinal feature of Christ’s true disciples.
  2. The Almost Christian – George Whitefield shows from Acts 26:28 that having the trappings of religion is not the same thing as having true saving faith.
  3. God’s Regard for His Own Glory, Seen in the Saving of Sinners – in which Stephen Charnock illustrates the rich glory of God as can only be seen in his redemption of sinful men.
  4. Charity, in Respect of Other Men’s Sins – John Howe teaches from 1 Corinthians 13:6 that believers should never rejoice over the failings or misfortunes of others, and should be predisposed to grant them the benefit of the doubt.
  5. A Word to the Aged – comforting and insightful teaching from William Bridge for those who have nearly run their course.

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Two New Primary Works Added

Printing PressIn our continuing effort to become the largest, most comprehensive site of Puritan works on the web, we are pleased to announce that Digital Puritan has acquired the facsimiles of two previously unavailable primary sources, which have been added to their author’s respective pages:

  1. The Blessedness of the Death of Those That Die in the Lord, by James Durham. An exposition of Revelation 14:13, in seven sermons. A free PDF.
  2. The Opening of Heaven’s Gates, by Arthur Dent. Also known as “The Ready Way to Everlasting Life”, this work is a catechism of sorts, which provides a rational explanation of the nature of true saving faith. A free PDF.

The Sum of Saving Knowledge

Sum of Saving KnowledgeWe have just acquired a facsimile of the 1671 edition of The Sum of Saving Knowledge, by James Durham. This brief 41-page tract explains the basic tenets of true saving faith.  Its quarto pages are cropped to fit your tablet’s screen well. If you’re looking for some good devotional reading this week, this would be an excellent choice. Free PDF available here. See our other James Durham offerings here.

The Spring Digest is Out!

Cover Art 4.1 (1200x1600)The spring edition of The Digital Puritan is now available!

This edition contains the following articles:

  1. Why Read the Puritans Today? – Dr. Don Kistler gives ten reasons why time spent reading the Puritans is always profitable.
  2. Private Prayer: A Christian Duty – in which Oliver Heywood expounds upon the necessity of personal prayer time.
  3. How to Avoid Cherishing a Pet Sin – a treatise by Thomas Brooks that teaches the believer to expose and expunge every rebel lust.
  4. What Can and Must Persons Do Toward Their Own Conversion? – in which William Greenhill sheds light on a mystery of salvation: it is not of works, yet requires us to act.
  5. Haman’s Vanity – the sermon that Obadiah Sedgwick preached before the House of Commons just days after the discovery of Edmund Waller’s dastardly plot to bring down Parliament. First re-printing since 1643.
  6. The Puritans in Verse: A Dialogue of Self-Denial by Richard Baxter.

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