Walter Marshall

Walter Marshall (1628–1680) was an English Puritan pastor and author best known for his book on the Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, which has been praised as perhaps the single greatest work on sanctification ever composed. Walter Marshall became a fellow of New College, Oxford in 1648 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1652. In 1656, he was appointed to the vicarage of Hursley, Hampshire.

When the Act of Uniformity passed in 1662, Marshall joined many of his Puritan colleagues and was ejected from his parish. Soon afterwards, Marshall was installed as minister of an Independent congregation at Gosport, Hampshire, where he served for eighteen years.

For several years, Marshall experienced seasons of spiritual depression. For years, Marshall sought assurance, holiness and peace, consulting contemporaries like Richard Baxter. However, it was not until a life altering conversation with Thomas Goodwin that he began to focus more on Christ’s spiritual power in comparison with his own natural power. With this new focus, he found “holiness, peace of conscience, and joy in the Holy Ghost”. [More via Wikipedia]

The Works of Walter Marshall:

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification Opened. (312 pages)
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The Doctrine of Justification Opened and Applied. (24 pages)
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A sermon on Romans 3:23-26.