About Digital Puritan Press

Motto. veritatem veterem vulgare – to spread old truth far and wide.

Mission Statement. To breathe new life into the God-honoring teachings of the English Puritans, by transferring their work to the next generation through emerging technologies.

Rationale. For many years the teachings of the English Puritans have been spurned. Passing generations have contributed to an unfair portrayal of these godly pastor-teachers as harsh, unkind, and unforgiving kill-joys. And though a recent resurgence of interest in their teaching has proven the time-tested truth their sage instruction bears (insomuch as it closely conforms to the truths of Scripture), yet the present generation is clearly moving away from the printed page to the digital one. Furthermore, though the teaching of this age on spiritual things (which is, sadly, composed in large part from hay, straw, and stubble) is readily available through these channels, there is a relative dearth of the solid and significant teaching which is repeatedly found in these tried-and-true shepherds of the flock. Therefore it is our aim to republish, e-publish, and make readily available as much of this biblical instruction as the Lord sees fit.

Meet Our Staff:

Dr. Gerald D. Mick, a family physician, is the founder of Digital Puritan Press, and currently serves as its editor-in-chief. He attends Cornerstone Bible Church in Westfield, Indiana. He is married to Amy and has four children: Kathryn, Jonathan Edwards (“Jack”), Henry, and Bridget.

Dr. James A. Fain, III co-pastors Cornerstone Reformed Church in Greenwood, Indiana, and is the Executive Director of Rod & Staff Ministries, a biblical counseling training ministry. Dr. Fain is married to Shelly and has four daughters: Alyssa, Madeline, Meredith, and Abigail. Dr. Fain serves as associate editor and advisor.

Contact Information:

  • Mailing address: 1021 Watertown Drive; Westfield, Indiana, USA 46074
  • Telephone: (317) 696-5304
  • e-mail: info@digitalpuritan.net

e-Book Conversion. Digital Puritan Press has also partnered with other, more established paper-and-ink publishers to assist them in bringing their titles into the digital marketplace. Inquiries from interested parties should be directed to Dr. Mick.