The Wiles of SatanWilliam Spurstowe.
A Lifting Up for the Downcast
– William Bridge.
A Sure Guide to Heaven – Joseph Alleine.
The Case and Cure of a Deserted Soul – Joseph Symonds.
The Art of Man-Fishing – Thomas Boston.
The Necessity of Self-Examination – Jonathan Edwards.
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God – Jonathan Edwards.
Daily Communion With God – Matthew Henry.
The Pleasantness of a Religious Life – Matthew Henry.
The Art of Prophesying – William Perkins.
The Danger of Prosperity – William Bates.
The Christian Warrior – Isaac Ambrose.
A Treatise on Afflictions – Thomas Case.
Private Prayer: A Christian Duty – Oliver Heywood.
The Minister as Shepherd – Charles Edward Jefferson.