The Heavenward Way

Book Cover: The Heavenward Way
Editions:eBook: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781678017347
Pages: 83

In The Heavenward Way, Puritan pastor Christopher Blackwood (c.1605–1669) brings into sharp focus the essential priorities of the life of faith: first, learning to recognize and treasure the precious worth of Jesus Christ (and by contrast, the dangers associated with not having true love for him); next, honoring God by loving our neighbor as ourselves; and finally, living our lives in such a way that we are well-prepared for death.

Originally published in 1653, these classic treatises have been meticulously edited to benefit a new generation of Christian readers. Archaic language has been gently modernized, and helpful footnotes have been added to aid the reader. Hundreds of Scripture references are embedded in the text (using the English Standard Version®). This edition includes a biographical preface and review questions designed to facilitate group discussion or personal reflection.

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