The Autumn/Winter Edition is Now Available!

Cover Art 5.2 (1200x1600)The autumn/winter edition of The Digital Puritan is now available! This is a special edition which focuses on the Bible; it includes the following articles:

  1. The Authority and Utility of the Scriptures – Hugh Binning. The necessity of learning and practising what the Bible teaches is shown from 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
  2. The Duty of Searching the Scriptures – George Whitefield. In which Whitefield illustrates the two great messages of the Scripture (our fallen nature and the grace of God) and gives directions on how to make time spent in Scripture most profitable. Based on John 5:39.
  3. The Great Worth of Scripture Knowledge – Francis Roberts. Roberts gives seven helpful directions on how to better read and understand the Word of God.
  4. How the Word is to be Read and Heard – Thomas Boston. From Luke 8:18 (“Take heed therefore how ye hear”), Boston teaches how to prepare our hearts for receiving the Word, and how to apply it to our daily lives.
  5. How We May Read the Scriptures with Most Spiritual Profit – Thomas Watson. Watson’s own collection of twenty-four directions on how to read the Scripture for greatest benefit.
  6. The Puritan Practice of Meditation – Drs. Joel R. Beeke and Mark Jones. To read the Scripture is not enough; it must permeate the mind and affect the heart. The authors show how the Puritans used meditation to this effect.

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