George Swinnock

George Swinnock (c.1627-1673) was a nonconformist divine, born at Maidstone in Kent in 1627. He was the son of George Swinnock, of Maidstone, whose father was mayor of the borough. Owing to the death of his father, George Swinnock, Jr., was brought up in the house of his uncle Robert, a zealous Puritan.

He was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, from whence he removed on 7 October 1645 to Jesus College; he graduated B.A. in 1647–8, and then proceeded to Oxford to obtain preferment, entering as a commoner at Magdalen Hall. On 19 January 1648–9 he became chaplain at New College, and in the following October he was made a fellow of Balliol College by the parliamentary visitors. He was incorporated B.A. on 29 November 1650, and graduated M.A. on the next day.

In the same year he resigned his fellowship, and was appointed vicar of Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire. In 1655 he was appointed to St. Leonard’s chapel at Aston-Clinton in Buckinghamshire, and on 10 January 1661 was presented to the vicarage of Great Kimble in the same county by Richard Hampden, to whom he was then chaplain. In the following year he was ejected for nonconformity, both from St. Leonard’s and from Great Kimble, and took up his abode with the Hampden family at Great Hampden. Upon the issue of the Declaration of Indulgence in 1672 he retired to Maidstone, where he became pastor to a large congregation. He died on 10 November 1673, and was buried in the parish church. [via Wikipedia]

The Works of George Swinnock:

The Works of George Swinnock, Volume 1. (544 pages)
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This volume contains part 1 (and a portion of part 2) of A Christian Man’s Calling.

The Works of George Swinnock, Volume 2. (542 pages)
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This volume contains the remainder of part 2 (and a portion of part 3) of A Christian Man’s Calling.

The Works of George Swinnock, Volume 3. (488 pages)
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This volume contains:

  1. The conclusion of A Christian Man’s Calling
  2. Heaven and Hell Epitomised
  3. A portion of The Fading of the Flesh.

The Works of George Swinnock, Volume 4. (524 pages)
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This volume contains:

  1. The conclusion of The Fading of the Flesh
  2. The Pastor’s Farewell
  3. The Gods are Men
  4. The Beauty of Magistracy
  5. Men are Gods
  6. The Incomparableness of God.

The Works of George Swinnock, Volume 5. (506 pages)
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This volume contains:

  1. The Door of Salvation Opened by the Key of Regeneration
  2. The Sinner’s Last Sentence.