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NPG D22646,Samuel Bolton,by William FaithorneSamuel Bolton (1606–1654) was an English clergyman and scholar, a member of the Westminster Assembly and Master of Christ’s College, Cambridge. Samuel Bolton was the son of William Bolton, of Lancashire. He was born in London in 1606, and educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge. In 1643 he was chosen one of the Westminster assembly of divines. He was successively minister of St. Martin’s, Ludgate Street, of St. Saviour’s, Southwark, and of St. Andrew’s, Holborn.

He was appointed, on the death of Thomas Bainbrigg in 1646, master of Christ’s College, Cambridge, and served as Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University in 1651. He has been identified with the Samuel Bolton who, in 1649, attended Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland on the scaffold. He died after a long illness on 15 October 1654. Edmund Calamy preached his funeral sermon.

The Works of Samuel Bolton:

The Arraignment of Error.
{Can you help find this title?}

The Dead Saint Speaking to Saints and Sinners Living. (473 pages)
[pdf via Digital Puritan]
This volume is a collection of treatises:

  1. Sin the Greatest Evil. (2 Samuel 24:10) – pdf, 38 pp.
  2. The Love of Christ to His Spouse. (Song of Solomon 4:9) – pdf, 55 pp.
  3. A Treatise of the Nature and Royalties of Faith. (John 3:16) – pdf, 146 pp.
  4. A Treatise of the Slowness of Heart to Believe. (John 1:50) – pdf, 39 pp.
  5. A Treatise of the Miserable Condition of Unbelievers – missing.
    Can you help find this?
  6. A Treatise of Hypocrisy. (Isaiah 58:2) – pdf, 93 pp.
  7. A Treatise of the Wonderful Workings of God for His Church and People. (Exodus 15:11) – pdf, 69 pp.

The Guard of the Tree of Life.
{Can you help find this title?}

The Sinfulness of Sin.
{Can you help find this title?}

A Tossed Ship Making for a Safe Harbour.
Also titled, A Word in Season to a Sinking Kingdom.
{Can you help find this title?}

The True Bounds of Christian Freedom. (460 pp.)
[pdf epub mobi txt via Internet Archive]
[pdf epub mobi via On the Wing]
The On the Wing version is re-typeset and gently modernized by William Gross. Excellent.

A Vindication of the Rights of the Law and the Liberties of Grace.
{Can you help find this title?}

The Wedding Garment.
{Can you help find this title?}

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5 thoughts on “Samuel Bolton

  1. I have a copy of Bolton’s treatises.
    The “missing” treatise 5 “miserable condition of unbelievers” is not mentioned anywhere in the text or indexes. In fact the only indication that there may have been an intention to include it is that the pagination skips from page 222 (the last page of slowness of heart to beleeve) to the title page of “Hypocrisy” followed by the first page of Hypocrisy on page 261. At the very end of the book is an instruction to the binders that this skip from page 222 to 261 is intentional – since the indexing of the sections (from section Ff to Mm – with Gg, Hh, Ii Jj, Kk, Ll all missing) and the instruction to the binders says Mm follows Ff… “there is nothing wanting”. So whilst Bolton’s wife clearly intended treatise 5 to be included and the pagination numbering reflects this, for some reason it was not included in the final printed version.

  2. Greetings Dr. Mick.

    I am narrating Digital Puritan Volume 3 Book 1 and this is the portion that I am currently recording. Thank you so much for including this in the DP quarterlies.

    • Thank you Duane for taking the time to narrate these! Look at Sermon Audio for this and more of Duane Linn’s other excellent narrations.

      • Thank you, brother. I’m semi-retired from narrating books and preaching, as my health isn’t so good these days to do the work like before, but I did manage to get quite a bit of the catalogue done.

        Should my health improve, i’ll finish them.

        Thank you again for permitting me to use your work to further the cause of Christ. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and preserve you and your family, Dr. Mick.

        Brother Duane

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