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Cover Art (1200x1600)We are very pleased to announce the release of Private Prayer: A Christian Duty, by Oliver Heywood!  Out-of-print for nearly two hundred years, this useful guide teaches, from Matthew 6:6, how to cultivate a habit of daily prayer which is both refreshing and delightful. He reviews the time, place, and content appropriate for our private prayers, and answers several objections that are commonly used to excuse ourselves from praying regularly—including lack of time, cold-heartedness, wandering thoughts, and not knowing what to say. Several scriptural instances of private prayer are explored, including the Lord’s Prayer and the mighty wrestling of Jacob in prayer (Genesis 32). Through this teaching, the believer will find resources and encouragement to help fulfill this beneficial obligation.

This is an entirely new typeset edition, with gently modernised language which makes the material approachable to a new generation of readers, while retaining the flavour of the original text. Includes a biographical preface, and a foreword by Phil Johnson.

Available in paperback and e-book (Kindle, Nook, Apple iBookstoreGoogle Play, Kobo, and Lulu).

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Pleasantness (1200x1600)The Pleasantness of a Religious Life
by Matthew Henry

Examine the claims of Proverbs 3:17 (“All her ways are ways of pleasantness; all her paths are peace”) with Matthew Henry in The Pleasantness of a Religious Life. An entirely new, painstakingly edited edition awaits in this latest Digital Puritan Press offering.

Rather than being a bleak and burdensome business, Matthew Henry’s clear teaching shows how “religion brings both pleasure with it, and profit after it,” and argues that the difficulties met with on the journey of faith are not worthy of being compared to the joyful recompense which our God and King rewards us with along the way and at our final resting place in his kingdom. Thus “the practice of serious godliness not only tends to our happiness in the next life, but is also greatly conducive to our comfort in this life,” for we learn that, “the more we live with an eye to Christ and another world, the more comfort we are likely to have in our hearts.”

Pastor Henry also unmasks the counterfeit pleasures this world attempts to use to cheat us out of pleasures that are both satisfying indeed and eternally durable—for the world’s sensual pleasures are bland to those who have tasted the sweetness of the Lord, and felt the lightness and rest which is to be found in his yoke.

The Pleasantness of a Religious Life was Matthew Henry’s final literary work; it was in the process of being printed when he died in 1714.

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