The Puritans on Meditation

In this short (2-3 minutes) extract, Pastor Joel Beeke explains how the Puritans put meditation into practice. I hope you find it helpful:

One thought on “The Puritans on Meditation

  1. Top of the day to you
    Pastor Beeke,

    I well receive thy message in meditation, or could also be said as; Our personal time w/ our ABBA FATHER EL SHADDAI <3 This disciplined time SEEKING HIM, KNOWING HIM in a very intimate and personal way as HIS DAUGHTER is precious , priceless , and the best place to be for w/ HIM, I AM heaven tall and at peace. These points given and practices by the Puritans did make me realize that I too had this very same worship, honor, learning for I did ask,seek, and knocked, I did give our FATHER EL my first awakening hour and made it a point to get up extra early before all the noises, distractions, daily chores, etc… begin to consume my time… I felt if I showed him and he saw me even disciplining myself to give HIM that extra effort in my childlike mind or understanding HE WOULD SEE MY HEART and I WAS GIVING HIM MY BEST, I WANTED TO KNOW HIM , PERSONALLY… ABBA FATHER IS FAITHFUL, TRUE, AND ALWAYS THE SAME … YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW. YES, NEVER CHANGING AND YOU CAN COUNT ON HIS PROMISES, HIS WORD F OR HE WILL NEVER LEAVE THEE , NOR FORSAKE THEE.

    I grew leaps and bounds and I have never been the same since… PRAISE BE TO OUR YAH O VEH, ABBA FATHER. However, I have gotten away from this once practiced QUALITY TIME I made it a point to do everyday. My time given was the best I have ever experienced and immensely rewarding…

    Why? Oh why, do we fall , back slide, let go of something knowing it is PURE GOOD, verses protecting and dsiciplining oneself continually from compromise or laziness. My point is simple… These individuals understood the message and love shown and given to our FATHER GOD, by their daily active living faith and obedience which will result in manifold blessings.

    In closing,

    I thank you for bringing this point or subject forth and reminding me to go back to my first love and remain focused, disciplined, and giving only the very best of me to OUR ABBA FATHER… MY FIRST FRUITS, MY LOVE, MY TIME, MY TRUST in HIM!!! HE WILL DO THE REST ALWAYS AND FOREVER.


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