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Jeremiah BurroughsJeremiah Burroughs (1599–1646) was an English congregationalist and a well-known Puritan preacher. Burroughs studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and was graduated M.A. in 1624, but left the university because of non-conformity. He was assistant to Edmund Calamy at Bury St. Edmunds, and in 1631 became rector of Tivetshall, Norfolk. He was suspended for non-conformity in 1636 and soon afterward deprived, he went to Rotterdam (1637) and became “teacher” of the English church there. He returned to England in 1641 and served as preacher at Stepney and Cripplegate, London. He was a member of the Westminster Assembly and one of the few who opposed the Presbyterian majority. While one of the most distinguished of the English Independents, he was one of the most moderate, acting consistently in accordance with the motto on his study door (in Latin and Greek): “Opinionum varietas et opinantium unitas non sunt ασυστατα (‘Difference of belief and unity of believers are not inconsistent’). [More via Wikipedia]

The Works of Jeremiah Burroughs:

An Exposition of the Prophecy of Hosea. (716 pages)
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Internet Archive]

The Evil of Evils. (486 pages)
[pdf web via Regent College]
or, The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin. Job 36:21.

Four Books on the Eleventh of Matthew. (1233 pages).
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Internet Archive]

  1. Christ Inviting Sinners to Come to Him for Rest (Matthew 11:28) – pdf, 389 pp.
  2. Christ the Great Teacher of Souls that Come to Him. To Which is Added a Treatise of Meekness and of Anger (Matthew 11:29) – pdf, 499 pp.
  3. Christ the Humble Teacher of Those that Come to Him (Matthew 11:29) – pdf, 164 pp.
  4. The Only Easy Way to Heaven (Matthew 11:30) – pdf, 143 pp.

The Glorious Name God, the Lord of Hosts. (150 pages)
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Google Books]
Isaiah 47:4. Includes an appendix answering a book written by Dr. Fernes, which pertains to resolving conscience to the bearing of arms.

Gospel Fear. (166 pages)
or, The Heart Trembling at the Word of God Evidenceth a Blessed Frame of Spirit.
A series of sermons on Isaiah 66:2 and 2 Kings 22:14.

Irenicum to the Lovers of Truth and Peace. (322 pages)
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Internet Archive]
Hosea 10:2. Subtitled, “Heart-divisions opened in the causes and evils of them, with cautions that we may not be hurt by them, and endeavours to heal them.” A collection of sermons (among the last preached by Burroughs) promoting unity among believers.

Moses His Choice, with his Eye Fixed Upon Heaven. (715 pages)
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Internet Archive]
Hebrews 11:25-26. Subtitled, “Discovering the Happy Condition of a Self-Denying Heart.”

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. (201 pages) Philippians 4:11.
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Google Books]
[pdf via Preach the Word]
The Google Books text also includes “The Saint’s Duty in Times of Extremity” (Exodus 14:13) – pdf, 21 pp.

The Saints’ Happiness. (270 pages) Matthew 5:3-12.
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Internet Archive]
Containing 41 sermons on the Beatitudes.

  1. A Sermon on Matthew 5:1 – pdf, 8 pp.
  2. A Sermon on Matthew 5:2 – pdf, 8 pp.
  3. A Description of a Poor-Spirited Man (Matthew 5:3) – pdf, 7 pp.
  4. Promises to the Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:3) – pdf, 7 pp.
  5. Comfort to the Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:3) – pdf, 7 pp.
  6. Godly Mourners Shall Be Comforted (Matthew 5:4) – pdf, 6 pp.
  7. The Folly of Men Rebuked Who Are All For Mirth (Matthew 5:4) – pdf, 6 pp.
  8. How Mourners Should Order Their Mourning (Matthew 5:4) – pdf, 6 pp.
  9. The Comforts of Mourners for Sin (Matthew 5:4) – pdf, 7 pp.
  10. An Exhortation to Mourners for Sin (Matthew 5:4) – pdf, 7 pp.
  11. How to Mourn for the Affliction of Saints (Matthew 5:4) – pdf, 8 pp.
  12. Meek Persons Subjects for Christ to Comfort (Matthew 5:5) – pdf, 6 pp.
  13. A Reprehension of Professors That Are Not Meek (Matthew 5:5) – pdf, 8 pp.
  14. Rules and Helps to Christian Meekness (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 9 pp.
  15. Times of Righteousness Promised to the Church (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 7 pp.
  16. The Desireableness of the Object Hungered After (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 6 pp.
  17. Comforts to Those That Hunger (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 7 pp.
  18. The Excellency of the Righteousness of Sanctification (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 5 pp.
  19. They That Hunger Are Blessed For The Present (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 7 pp.
  20. Rules to Help Souls in the Way of Hungering (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 7 pp.
  21. Considerations to Support the Hearts of Those That Hunger After Righteousness, Yet Want Growth in Righteousness (Matthew 5:6) – pdf, 6 pp.
  22. The Several Workings of Mercy in the Heart (Matthew 5:7) – pdf, 7 pp.
  23. Comforts to Those That Are of Merciful Spirits (Matthew 5:7) – pdf, 8 pp.
  24. Motives to Show Mercy (Matthew 5:7) – pdf, 7 pp.
  25. Wherein a Pure Heart is Blessed (Matthew 5:8) – pdf, 7 pp.
  26. The Uncleanness of Heart Cause of Error (Matthew 5:8) – pdf, 7 pp.
  27. Wherein the Sight of God Appears to be Such a Happy Thing (Matthew 5:8) – pdf, 7 pp.
  28. The Order of This Beatitude (Matthew 5:9) – pdf, 7 pp.
  29. Blessed Are They That Make Peace (Matthew 5:9) – pdf, 6 pp.
  30. The Difference Between Independency and Presbytery (Matthew 5:9) – pdf, 6 pp.
  31. What The Mystery of the Gospel Is In Adoption (Matthew 5:9) – pdf, 13 pp.
  32. Disciples of Christ Must Expect Persecution (Matthew 5:10) – pdf, 8 pp.
  33. Reasons Why Righteousness Must Expect to Suffer (Matthew 5:10) – pdf, 6 pp.
  34. Principles For Suffering (Matthew 5:10) – pdf, 7 pp.
  35. Some Heads From What Hath Been Said About The Blessedness of Persecution (Matthew 5:10) – pdf, 8 pp.
  36. A Word of Use to Those Who Are Reviled (Matthew 5:11) – pdf, 5 pp.
  37. Saints Should Take Heed They Suffer Not For Evil Truly (Matthew 5:12) – pdf, 5 pp.
  38. Some Arguments For The Helping of Saints to Suffer (Matthew 5:12-14) – pdf, 7 pp.
  39. How Professors Are Said to Be Unsavoury (Matthew 5:13-14) – pdf, 5 pp.
  40. To Be the Light of the World is a Great Honour (Matthew 5:14) – pdf, 6 pp.
  41. Uses We Are to Make of the Ministry of the Gospel (Matthew 5:14-15) – pdf, 4 pp.

The Saints’ Treasury. (169 pages)
[pdf epub mobi txt web via Internet Archive]
A collection of five sermons:

  1. The Incomparable Excellency and Holiness of God (Exodus 15:11) – pdf, 30 pp.
    Preached 3-21-1640. Also available on the web here.
  2. Christ is All in All (Colossians 3:11) – pdf, 32 pp.
    Preached 3-28-1641. Also available [web txt pdf via Puritan Sermons]
  3. The Glorious Enjoyment of Heavenly Things by Faith (Hebrews 11:1) – pdf, 24 pp.
    Preached 4-25-1641. Also available in The Digital Puritan III:4.
  4. The Natural Man’s Bondage to the Law, and the Christian’s Liberty in the Gospel (John 8:36) – pdf, 20 pp.
    Preached 4-21-1641.
  5. Preparation for Judgment (Hebrews 9:27) – pdf, 25 pp.

A Sermon Preached at the Late Fast Before the Commons House of Parliament. (57 pages)
[pdf web via Google Books]
Matthew 5:6.

A Treatise of Conversing in Heaven. (70 pages) Philippians 3:20.
[pdf web via Google Books]

A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness. (85 pages) Philippians 3:19.
[pdf web via Google Books]

A Treatise on Walking With God. (79 pages) Genesis 5:24.
[pdf web via Google Books]

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  1. I am looking for “Learning to Be Happy “, I found 8 but need 3 more for our Bible Study. Is there a place on line to find a written copy of this book. Abridged version , Philip Tate. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Opal S., for pointing us to a complete copy of “The Evil of Evils”! I’ve created a PDF based on that web page, indexed and bookmarked it, and posted it.

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