The Spring/Summer Edition is Out!

Cover Art 5.1 (1200x1600)The spring/summer 2015 edition of The Digital Puritan is now available through various e-tailers. This edition contains the following titles, which have been gently modernised, and which have hundreds of embedded scripture references and explanatory footnotes:

  1. Profiting from the Puritans for Devotional Reading – Joel Beeke
  2. Dead Preaching is Often the Cause of a People’s Deadness – William Fenner
  3. A Discourse on Thankfulness – Thomas Goodwin
  4. Perilous Times in the Last Days – Thomas Boston
  5. A Wedding Sermon – Thomas Taylor

It is available now for the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. It is also available through the Google Play store, Apple iBookstore, and through Lulu (most other e-readers).

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