Song of Solomon

Entire book of Song of Solomon:

Individual passages (organized by chapter, click to expand):


Boston, Thomas. Suitable Improvement of Christ the Apple Tree. (Two sermons on Song of Solomon 2:3) – pdf, 15 pp.

Boston, Thomas. The saints’ lifetime in this world a night-time; their expectation of the day’s break in the other world, and the shadows fleeing away; and their great concern for Christ’s presence till that happy season come (Song of Solomon 2:17) – pdf, 32 pp.


Flavel, John. A Coronation Sermon Preached at Dartmouth (Song of Solomon 3:11) – pdf, 19 pp.


Boston, Thomas. Christ’s Invitation to His Bride. (Song of Solomon 4:8) – pdf, 12 pp.


Flavel, John. Containing a third motive to enliven the general exhortation from a third title of Christ. (Song of Solomon 5:16) – pdf, 11 pp.

Watson, Thomas. Christ’s Loveliness. (Song of Solomon 5:16) – pdf, 33 pp.


Boston, Thomas. Believers a mystery, with a description of their travels from the wilderness of this world, to the heavenly Canaan, leaning upon Christ (Song of Solomon 8:5) – pdf, 30 pp.

Flavel, John. A meditation upon Song of Solomon 8:6pdf, 6 pp.