Entire book of Micah:

Individual passages (organized by chapter, click to expand):


Manton, Thomas. A sermon on Micah 6:5pdf, 11 pp.

Manton, Thomas. Two sermons on Micah 6:8pdf, 20 pp.

Owen, John. Of Walking Humbly with God (Micah 6:8) – pdf, 59 pp.

Bridge, William. A Sermon on Micah 6:9pdf, 14 pp.

Gray, Andrew. Arguments for Hearing God’s Threatening Rod (two sermons on Micah 6:9) – pdf, 29 pp.


Owen, John. Christ’s Pastoral Care (Micah 7:14) – pdf, 17 pp.

Manton, Thomas. A sermon on Micah 7:18pdf, 12 pp.

Sibbes, Richard. The Matchless Mercy (Micah 7:18–20) – pdf, 14 pp.