Love One Another – Now Available!

Digital Puritan Press is pleased to announce the recent publication of Love One Another (originally titled A Treatise of Love) by John Rogers. In it he presents an extended exposition of 1 John 3:23, “This is the commandment of God, that we believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another.”

In Love One Another, the author begins by presenting the enduring signs and qualities genuine love for others, then turns to the diagnosis and treatment of six spiritual ailments that usually result in a loveless heart. Rogers then spends the remainder of the book teaching us how to show the love of Christ to specific groups of people: our enemies, humanity at large, the poor, and finally, fellow believers.

“Roaring John” Rogers (c.1570–1636) was a Puritan pastor who ministered in Essex, England. His dynamic preaching of God’s Word brought many to faith in Christ while simultaneously strengthening the faith of many more—but also drew the ire of his superiors in the Church of England.

Love One Another is the definitive playbook for those who want to love others in the same way that Christ loves us. The product of a year’s careful editing, Love One Another is an entirely new edition which has been judiciously modernized for a new generation of Christian readers. It includes a biographical preface, many helpful footnotes, and review questions that make it perfect for group discussion.

Paperback (Amazon) $14.99
eBook (Amazon, AppleBarnes & NobleKoboGoogle PlayLulu) $4.99

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