John Arrowsmith

John Arrowsmith (29 March 1602 – 15 February 1659) was an English theologian and academic. He was born near Gateshead and entered St John’s College, Cambridge, in 1616. In 1623 he entered the fellowship of St Catherine Hall, Cambridge. In 1631 he became a preacher at King’s Lynn, Norfolk. He was a member of the Westminster Assembly and preached to the Long Parliament on a number of occasions. He was elected as Master of St Johns, Cambridge, on 11 April 1644. In 1645 he became rector of St Martin Pomary, London. He served as Vice-Chancellor of the University in 1647-48. In 1651, he was elected Regius Professor of Divinity, and, in 1653, Master of Trinity College. He resigned his professorship in 1655 and died February 1659, in Cambridge. [from Wikipedia]

The Works of John Arrowsmith:

A Great Wonder in Heaven. (44 pages)
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A sermon on Revelation 12:1-2, preached before the House of Commons January 27, 1646/7.